22 DECEMBER 1958

Beatles Autographs 1958 Beatles Autographs 1958 Beatles Autographs 1958

Example Information:

These are John Lennon and Paul McCartney's earliest known pair of signatures, signed in a guest book in Liverpool, December 22, 1958. Also signed by John’s future wife, Cynthia Powell, on a separate page. An historically important document showing 16 year old Paul and 18 year old John, now members of the Quarrymen, arriving together. Each inscribes the book with their address and with comments. John signs and writes 251 Melove Ave, Woolton, etc. and for a comment remarks in caps WIR BUN PYE 1K / JEW BUNCH OF TOAST / HELLO CRIPPLE / EGGBEATERS LOOK. The eminently more diplomatic Paul lists his home address as 20 Forthlin Rd / Allerton, L’pool 18 and comments ‘Let’s have another Carol!’ Guestbook measures approximately 12 x 6 inches, framed to an overall size of approximately 36 x 50 inches.

  • Source: Gotta Have Rock & Roll, New York
  • Auction Date: 16th October 2010
  • Lot Number: 10