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Auction houses and dealers often offer fake Beatles signatures as authentic without properly researching them first. There are only a few well-known Beatles authenticators in the world that can be trusted to make sure that your autographs have indeed been signed by the Beatles. This website hopefully takes a little bit of mystery out of the Beatles signatures. You will notice quickly that many examples on this site may actually include the other Beatles signing on behalf of other Beatles. This was not done at the time to deceive fans but rather not disappoint their young admirers. Neil Aspinall and Mal Evans vastly signed autographs on behalf of the Beatles. After viewing many examples you will soon realise how to spot these. Auction houses do not always get it right so buyer beware! Often Beatles autographs come with a very detailed story from the seller. This also does not mean they are real. My advice is to compare many examples before you trust your own judgement. I have mostly only included examples of Beatles Autographs when auction houses and dealers provide the exact date when they have signed the piece. I am concentrating on autographs signed in the 1960s as this was the period of prolific signing. Click on the following links to see examples of Beatles Autographs collected from various sources from around the world. If you have any comments to make about a particular autograph or doubt a signatures' authenticity please email me.

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John Lennon signing on behalf of the other Beatles
Paul McCartney signing on behalf of the other Beatles
George Harrison signing on behalf of the other Beatles
Ringo Starr signing on behalf of the other Beatles
Neil Aspinall signing on behalf of the other Beatles
Mal Evans signing on behalf of the other Beatles
Mimi Smith signing on behalf of the Beatles
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